donderdag 12 september 2013

Risotto with chicory, broccoli and smoked salmon

Personally I think risotto is overrated. Rice Pilaf nothing more nothing less, and when I want rice I will go Chinese. Maybe I'm wrong, but like that other poor man's dish polenta I really do not understand what the hype nowadays is all about. Also I never understood why rice can ever be a primo (first course). Anyways, I gave it a try, based on Jeroen Meus's recipe (in Dutch, use Google Translate) so here's my first risotto ever. I did not find the radicchio so I used broccoli instead. It was certainly a very healthy dish but not really savory. I will experiment more with risotto, until I find out why so many chefs rate this so highly. The radish came at last minute, to link to the radicchio , which was a bad idea, since the latter has more to do with chicory, than anything else. Again a very simple and fast dish, all you need is excellent broth, good short- grain white rice, quality smoked salmon (here Norwegian) and the freshest vegetables you can get...

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