vrijdag 13 september 2013

Crab cakes

A crab cake is a variety of fish cake which is popular in the United States composed of crab meat and various other ingredients, such as bread crumbs, milk, mayonnaise, eggs, yellow onions, and seasonings. Occasionally other ingredients such as red or green peppers or pink radishes are added, at which point the cake is then sautéed, baked, or grilled and then served. (source: Wikipedia)

Again I followed Jeroen Meus (I needed a quick recipe which involved radishes) with his "Crab cake with lava mayonnaise" (in Dutch) but instead I used a (not homemade this time) tartar sauce which was probably to harsh on the crab, or was the crab itself that didn't taste off as it should be? Anyways, considering the price of crab (€ 4-5 for a small can) I'm thinking  of either to use salmon or some other tasty fresh fish next time.

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