zondag 6 oktober 2013

Veal Roast

Based on the vid here above and a recipe from Jeroen Meus, the man who refurbished our national cuisine AND because it was in promotion this week in Delhaize, I've decided to make a real nice Sunday Roast Veal with "Pommes Duchesse", some peas and carrots and a great sauce with a variety of mushrooms. In the next video you can see here how to make the potatoes yourself, I use them ready-made (again from Delhaize) from the freezer. Two tips: use some tarragon, white wine & some grain mustard for the sauce. This should be an old-fashioned 'beurre manié'. Sieve and mix the residue from the bowl in which you cooked the meat into a mixture of butter & flour. Place the dish on a medium heat and pour some water. Stir the flavorful pan frequently with a whisk, so they dissolve in the water. (deglaze) Bon appetit!

And here's the result:


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