donderdag 10 oktober 2013

Fried scallops on a tomato puff pastry with fennel and cream of parsley.

"Probably the most famous scallop dish is Coquille St.-Jacques. The word coquille means shell in French. This dish has some religious history, but only with regard to the shell itself. The scallop shell was used as a badge of reverence and identification by pilgrims visiting the Spanish shrine of St. James (St. Jacques in French). 
The famous dish is made of a blend of scallops in a cream and butter sauce and is traditionally served in the beautiful shell of the scallop."(from: "Home Cooking") There's so many ways to honor the soft fleshy texture and delicately mild sweet flavor of scallops. 

So here's one: Fried scallops on a tomato puff pastry with fennel and cream of parsley. 

And finally scallops are good (healthy) for you!


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4 scallops per person
4 pieces puff of 10 cm to 3 cm 

(leaf) Parsley
2 tomatoes
200g sun-dried tomatoes
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
6 cloves of garlic
2 pieces of fennel
4 cumin seeds
olive oil
1 onion
½ bunch basil
2 shallots
2.5 cl of poultry broth
2 dl cream
pepper & salt


1. Cream of garlic : let 2 shallots and 4 cloves of garlic color in a pan. Add 2.5 cl of chicken stock and let it boil until only ¾ remains. Add 2dl cream and boil again until half remains. Mix in a blender. Add salt and pepper. Pour through a conical strainer.

2. Pie of tomato: Remove the heart and the skin of the tomato. Chop the tomatoes, peppers, 2 cloves garlic, basil and sun-dried tomatoes finely. 

3. Fennel: Finely chop the fennel and braise this along with a chopped onion in olive oil. Add a little water. Gently simmer but make sure it stays crispy. Add 4 cumin seeds. 

4. Cream of parsley: was the parsley and cook for 1 minute in water. Put and mix the parsley with 3 ice cubes in a blender. 

5. Bake the pastry 10 minutes in an oven of 180 ° between two plates so that the pastry remains flat. 

6. Bake the "Coquilles" in olive oil to perfection. See here how: Part1 & Part2 

7. Finishing : arrange the puff center on the plates and then place the tomato preparation . On this place the scallops. Dress on one hand the cream of garlic and on the other the cream of parsley and fennel.

Gonna try it out this evening, I can already taste it now!
source: De Standaard Culinair.


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