zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Tasty side dish, green beans with bacon

Green Beans (about 8-10 per roll)
Bacon (1 per roll, breakfast bacon, ham will do too)

Start by
setting up a pan of water to cook the beans. Meanwhile, cut the ends off. When the water boils, add the green beans and cook for 5 minutes. If the green beans are cooked, pour off the water and let them cool off in cold water. Drain again and sprinkle a little black pepper over the beans. Put about 8-10 beans on a slice of bacon and roll the slice of bacon around them.

To ensure that the bacon stays in place, you can button it up with some fresh sprigs of chive. In itself the bacon will continue to sit without it, but it's more fun.


Pour a little olive oil in afrying pan, let it heat up and cook the green beans with bacon in about 3-5 minutes untill crispy. Serve the green beans, for example, with baked potatoes and a piece of meat. 

from: "Lekker & Simpel" (translation

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