donderdag 21 november 2013

Real Syrup from Liège

Whenever I was in Liége too, it would snow, rain or simply being grey. Always sad that town in the sout of Belgium. Maybe that is the reason they have invented there this incredible rich and heartwarming syrup: "Le vrai sirop de Liège", The Real Syrop de Liège:
Real Liège Syrup ® differs from marmalade, jam because of its high fruit content. Indeed, there is 400 g of fruit needed to make 100 g Real Liège syrup (original, plum or apricot) And less than 700 g fruit for the variant without added sugar. Ideal in the colorful, tasteful and surprising cuisine today! A spoonful Real Liège syrup sufficient to all your preparations a round, fruity flavor to: dressings, marinades, sauces ...
So time to dig up an old time classic: "Flemish fries and stew of Beef" The recipe is like any other common slow-cooking stew (3-4 hours) but the ingredients differ and sometimes some are even kept secret. Here are some:

- First, to thicken the sauce you will need a solid piece of (brown) bread on which you spread spicy mustard, and rests on top of the stew, when ready to simmer, mustard side down.
- Second you need dark beer, at least 1 bottle and preferably 2. I used St. Bernard abbot 12, but any other dark Trappist beer will do. Heat up the beer in the pan where you have browned the meat first. - Last but not least don't forget to put in 1 clove, 1-2 bay leaves, some fresh thyme and two tablespoons of the Liège Syrup and finish a dash of vinegar. Video & Recipe (Dutch) here.

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