zaterdag 16 november 2013

Creamy spaghetti with cream cheese and smoked salmon

Ingredients (for 4) 

     500 g spaghetti
     8 slices smoked salmon
     150 g cream cheese with herbs (Boursin)
     3 strains leeks
     2 onions (shallots or twice)
     1 clove of garlic
     1/2 bunch chives
     3 sprigs thyme
     2 bay leaves
     1 part Noilly Prat (dry vermouth or white wine)
     3 dl cream
     knob of butter

  1. Cut the darkest foliage and the root part of the leek stems. Cut them lengthwise in half and rinse the vegetables under running water. Make sure all traces of sand or earth are completely removed from the leaves.
  2. Peel the onions, cut them lengthwise first in half, then into thin half-rings. Peel the garlic and crush the flesh into pulp .
  3. Put a large casserole over medium heat, melt a pat of butter. Fry the onion and half the garlic pulp and cut the leeks in the meantime. Cut each stem of leek first lengthwise into quarters , then cut into a small inch wide. Add the leek in the pot, stir and turn the heat a little harder. Sauté the leeks for five minutes.
  4. Fill a large pot with water and bring the water to a boil. Add a pinch of salt. Use plenty of water, pasta has to swim .
  5. Cut a few sprigs of thyme. Unzip the leaves from the thyme and chop them with a sharp knife into the smallest pieces possible. Add the thyme chips along with the bay leaves into the pot with leeks .
  6. Pour in a shot of Noilly Prat. Stir and let the alcohol evaporate. Note:If you do not have dry French vermouth in the house, you can replace it with a splash of white wine .
  7. Pour the cream with the braised leeks and add the cheese with fresh herbs in the pot. Stir and let the cream cheese melt.
  8. Turn down the heat and let the leeks in cream sauce simmer about 10 minutes.
  9. Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti al dente into the bubbling water. I always count one minute of cooking time less than what the manufacturer recommends. The spaghetti will soon namely cook a little further into the cream sauce .
  10. Chop the chives blades into very fine pieces. Don't be too careful with the this garden herb. Cut the slices of smoked salmon into strips about an inch wide.
  11. Put a cup of cooking water from the pasta aside. Drain the spaghetti and pour it into the pot with leeks in cream sauce .
  12. Add a splash of the cooking water from the pasta and stir. The (starched) water provides extra binding and shine .
  13. Taste and season the dish with your pepper mill. Only add some extra salt if the smoked salmon does not taste salty enough. Stir in the chives and shredded strips of smoked salmon pasta.
  14. Serve the spaghetti with salmon and leeks in a large serving bowl and...

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